BitDevs Amsterdam Arnhem meeting 010!

It’s time for a special edition of BitDevs, The Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem Conference Edition! We hope to have a lot of friends from out of town joining, so we’ll be meeting at a different place and different time than usual! Please read the details below carefully!

Friday, May 24th 2023 @ 4PM

We will be meeting in Arnhem to kick off the Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem conference:

Doors open at 4:00PM and we will try to start promptly at 4:30PM. Light snacks will be provided.

Please RSVP (either through our meetup page or to bitdevsamsterdam at protonmail dot com) as we are expecting a larger crowd than usual. We hope to see you at both the BitDevs and the Adopting Bitcoin conference over the next few days! Let’s kick off the conference with a bang!

As a reminder, the BitDevs rules are:

  1. No photos, videos, or recordings.
  2. Chatham House Rule: you may reiterate the contents of the meeting without attribution.

These rules exist so that BitDevs participants can speak freely during the event.

In the news

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We aim to finalize the agenda the week before the event. You can follow along with the work in progress agenda on our github repository. Feel free to suggest topics you’d like to discuss on the github issue!