BitDevs Amsterdam meeting 007!

It’s time for a special edition of BitDevs, The BitDevs Conference Edition! We hope to have a lot of friends from out of town joining, so we’ll be meeting at a different place and different time than usual! Please read the details below carefully!

Wednesday, October 11th 2023 @ 3PM

We will be meeting at the MACA Amsterdam in Amsterdam Noord:

Doors open at 2:00PM and we will try to start promptly at 3PM. Light snacks will be provided. We will join our friends for De Bitcoin Meetup at Blast Galaxy for food and drinks (~10 min walk away, starting at 5PM).

Please RSVP (either through our meetup page or to bitdevsamsterdam at protonmail dot com) as we are expecting a larger crowd than usual and space at our venue is limited to 100 people. We hope to see you at both the BitDevs and the Blast Galaxy Bitcoin Meetup for good discussion, good food, and good drinks with great people! Let’s kick off the conference with a bang!

As a reminder, the BitDevs rules are:

  1. No photos, videos, or recordings.
  2. Chatham House Rule: you may reiterate the contents of the meeting without attribution.

These rules exist so that BitDevs participants can speak freely during the event.


Presentation: The lightning network

Sam Wouters will be kicking things off with a presentation of his report on the lightning network, followed by QnA.

CoreDev Recap

  • Transcripts
  • Topics of interest:
    • P2P discussions
    • libbitcoinkernel progress
    • Legacy wallet removal timeline

Upcoming v26 release

BIPs and Proposals