Welcome to BitDevs Amsterdam meeting 001!

After a long hiatus, BitDevs Amsterdam lives again! Join us for pizza and drinks and to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: Bitcoin! A big thanks to Bitonic for sponsoring us with the meeting space and food!

Wednesday, November 30 2022 @ 7PM

As a reminder, the ground rules of BitDevs are as follow:

  1. No photos, videos, or recordings.
  2. Chatham House Rule: you may reiterate the contents of the meeting without attribution.

These rules exist so that BitDevs participants can speak freely within the event.


Bitcoin v24.0 Release walkthrough

  • New -mempoolfullrbf flag
    • Background
    • Discussion
  • Anti-DoS headers sync: #25717
  • Deprecated RPCs
  • New RPCs
    • sendall
    • simulaterawtransaction
  • Wallet changes
    • -walletrbf now default true
    • Miniscript support
    • Taproot multisig support
    • Experimental migratewallet RPC

BIPs and Proposals

  • BIP324 - v2 P2P transport protocol



  • Proof of Reserves